Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Services in Long Island NY

Unleashed Kitchen Remodeling Services in Long Island NY

The kitchen is the home’s soul and holds most of the happy moments of the family members. But it only seems good if its appearance is captivating. Our company, Picadely Construction INC, offers home remodeling services in Long Island, NY. Whether its exterior home remodel or interior home remodeling we are proficient in both and committed to providing high-quality results.

Discover The Process of Kitchen Transformation

We are presenting our kitchen remodeling services to remodel your kitchen and make your time span good. Our kitchen remodeling contractors with years of experience know how to generate top-grade outcomes.  If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, get a quote and schedule an appointment for the best kitchen renovation services. Here is the procedure after the booking

  • Free remodeling consultation: We offer our clients free consultation for home renovation services and deeply observe your ideas about kitchen design, budget, and logistics. After the detailed consultation, we make the suitable client’s preferred plan.
  • Construction and planning material: We assist our clients in selecting stylish and appropriate materials for the floor, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and more.
  • Remodel your kitchen: At the final step, we remodel the kitchen. We are experienced and equipped to handle all the projects to give you a relaxing breath.

Why Select Us

Picadely Construction INC is fully aware of how important the kitchen appearance is, so we come up and are ready to support our clients. Now stop chasing the “home remodeling contractors near me”, and hurry up and catch our amazing offer before it’s too late.

Trending New Home Construction in Long Island, NY

There is no place like home and a blessing. Are you planning to construct a brand-new house for your family? Picadely Construction INC presents the services for the new home construction in Long Island NY. We love seeing you have a joyful life, and so we give your dream a life.

What We Are Offering

Picadely Construction INC understands home construction is a heavy investment and demands a long period. That’s why we believe in providing high-quality and error-free results. Furthermore, our company covers the multiple services in our construction services.


Our highly qualified and experienced architects convert your home design idea into a detailed technical drawing. We plan all the details of the project within the client’s budget. Our best general contractors obtain crucial permission from the local authorities.


After the planning and obtaining permits, our residential general contractors begin the construction.

  • Site work: Demolition, excavation, grading, and foundations are included in the side work, and our contractors efficiently prepare your land for construction.
  • Building shells: our contractors make framing and roofing, so they make the basic skeleton of the home. After that, we make masonry and accomplish minor construction of the house.
  • Utilities and systems: we ensure the accurate placement and efficient work of the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, wall, and ceiling installation.

Final Touch

After completing the home construction, we ensure the interior is done, like the floor, put in the drywall, paint the walls, and do carpentry work. We also focus on exterior siding installation, gutters and downspouts, and landscaping.

Why Choose Us

If you are searching for “general contractors in my area”, make Picadely Construction INC your friend to eliminate the risk of error and get honest services and the soundest results.